Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five months

Five months! Well, a little more, now, since her five month anniversary was over a week ago now. Let's see how she looks:

That's a sweater that my mom got for her when she was in Peru last summer. You can see the llamas on it and everything. It's terrific, and Edie thanked her by promptly barfing all over it. If you ever had any doubts that babies are jerks, they can safely be put to rest. Babies are jerks.

And yet, such adorable jerks. This is Edie towering over her sock monkey, and she seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself while doing so. She's a very smiley baby these days. It used to be that I'd have to take about a hundred pictures to get a good shot of her smiling. Now she just gives it away.

Well, I mean, not all of the time. Here, it's pretty clear that I was interrupting baby-dino time. I should have known better.

Edie will often stick her face right up in my face and stare me down. Now you know what it looks like, too.

Sometimes when I'm at work or otherwise out of the house, Edie will be awake and alert, but Tamsen is tired and wants to take a nap. So Tamsen sticks the baby on my side of the bed, tucks her in, and does her best to take a nap. It's impossibly adorable to look at. I mean, look at her! She thinks she's people!

Did you want to know what was for dinner tonight? It was lobster!

And now, two videos for you. First, I'm told the baby knows how to roll over, sort of:

And second, I took a video of her making sounds out of her mouth, but also with other orifices:

The baby, she is pretty alright.