Sunday, April 23, 2017


We spend a lot of time on our couch as a family, whether that's watching endless episodes of Daniel Tiger, sitting around and talking, watching Edie run around the living room in circles for twenty minutes at a time, or just listening to Marty shriek with joy because he's discovered that he can fit his toes in his mouth. (This is all true.) So it's no surprise that since we spend a lot of time on the couch, we spend a lot of time sleeping on the couch, too.

Here's Marty and me taking a nap. I have no idea when this happened, so let's say it was Thursday of this week.

What can I say? The boy is snuggly and warm, and it's been cold and rainy lately. Gotta get my warmth wherever I can find it. (EDIT: I just remembered! This was during halftime of Game 1 of the Cavs-Pacers series, so it was definitely last Saturday. No reason to stay awake during halftime.)

Edie spends a lot of time on the couch, but she doesn't sleep as much as Marty and I do. Instead, she likes to lounge while watching Daniel Tiger and remind everyone that she looks fabulous.

Awful lot of leg on that girl. She'll have all the boys coming to the, well, living room, I guess.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


It's Easter! Edie celebrated by hogging a full room at the church Easter egg hunt for herself.

She's still having a tough time in social situations, but she's happy to spend time with us, and she's more than happy to spend time with Daniel. And she found out that she likes jelly beans! This was a good weekend.

Marty is crawling with purpose and intention. He's also finding things on the floor and cramming them in his mouth with gusto. I went to help Edie brush her teeth tonight, and when I came back to Marty's room, I found him like this:

Just gnawing happily away on a Rudolph finger puppet. You know, as do we all, given the chance.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fun times

We went to a cake auction last night to help our ward's young women get to camp. We bought a huge rice krispie cake, and, uh, Edie was interested in it.

She was less interested once she realized that she had to share.

She's been sick recently, so we stayed home from church today. She seemed really miserable at the church last night, and I assumed it was because she wasn't feeling well. When I went to pick her up, she was making a face that made me think she was about to start crying, so I hurried her out to the hall. Turned out she just needed to sneeze.

Marty took a bath today! He was disgusting.

Since Edie and I were staying home from church today, Marty stayed home with us, too. Lately, he's really enjoyed lying on the floor and reaching for his toys on the ground. Over the last couple of days, though, he's gotten better at getting to things that are just out of his reach. He's not properly crawling yet, but he's making an awful lot of progress, which is exciting. He's especially excited about crawling toward an orange baseball that we have. No, I don't know why we have an orange baseball, either.

I pooped my pants twice today within three minutes, so I guess I was sick, too? You didn't come here to read about me, though.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Edie has been getting better at sitting on the potty lately, but really not much beyond sitting. She's happy to go in, pull up a seat, and watch her cartoons for as long as you'll let her. No, I'm not happy about it, either, especially when she gives us a coy look like this one.

Me, go to the bathroom? I'll never tell!

Marty has two teeth coming through, so things are hard for him right now. When he's not screaming, drooling, or screaming through drool, he likes to swipe Edie's Kindle and cut loose with a little Curious George.

I think that's Curious George, at least. Hard to tell from this distance.

I do a bit of relaxing with the team, too. Sometimes Marty and I chill on the sofa together when he's eating, and Edie curls up next to us.

It's nice.