Monday, February 19, 2018

Cuts and cubes

Marty's hair was starting to get a bit unwieldy, so Tamsen summoned her courage and gave him a haircut. She was worried she hadn't done a good job, but I think she did pretty well. It's just.. short, so it's taking some time to adjust to what he looks like.

He looks a little older now that his hair is so short. Alas, for my poor boy's golden curls. He is a baby no longer.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice that Marty has a fountain of snot pouring out of his nose in this picture. We've all been a little sick this weekend, each of us in a different stage of a cold. Marty, of course, has no understanding of or use for personal hygiene, so he's content to remain a cauldron of bubbling mucus.

Edie is getting better and better at spelling. She and Marty have discovered one of our old Boggle games recently, and they've been very excited about using the cubes. Marty just sucks on them, because he's a weirdo, but Edie likes to try to make words. One afternoon, she spelled out her name without any help from anyone. Pretty solid work, little girl.

Don't worry, she didn't leave Marty out of the fun. She spelled his name out next, although there wasn't quite enough room, so she crammed him in as best as she could.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sweaters and onions

Over the past couple of months, I've had multiple co-workers come up to me at work and give me Oregon Ducks sweaters. They're hard to come by here in Tennessee, as you can imagine, but for whatever reason, they're finding them at Wal-Marts and Goodwills, so they're picking them up for me.

So when I got another one this week, I took it home and decided to let the kids have a crack at it. We tried it on Marty first.

It, uh, didn't fit. Edie saw what we were doing and immediately demanded that we let her try it on, too.

Sure, why not?

Nope, still too big for her. They both had a great time trying to fit into them, though. We thought about trying to cram both kids in there at once, but thought that might create a little more fighting than we were hoping for.

This is completely unrelated to sweaters in any way, but yesterday, we were rounding up books to return to the library. I made the foolish mistake of checking out fourteen of them at once, and of course, they ended up scattered across the entire house. We were searching through the living room, and while I suspected there might be some under the couch, I didn't really want to bend all the way over to check. Edie's small, though, so I picked up the skirt of the couch and asked her to take a look. She got down on the floor, and excitedly said, "Daddy! I found an onion!" She has an active imagination, so I figured it was a block or a toy that she had been pretending to cook with and imagined it was an onion. Sure, sweetie, let's see your onion, I thought.

She, uh, wasn't kidding.

Tamsen had gone shopping the other day and let Edie help her put the groceries away, so we're hoping that's where this came from. It wasn't rotting or anything and still looked okay, so we put it back in the fridge and revoked Edie's onion privileges for a while.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


We had a fun weekend over the last few days. We just hung around the house doing normal weekend stuff, but sometimes it's the little things that are the most fun.

You know, like wearing hats.

Eating ice cream.

Playing with blocks.

Sitting on the couch watching videos.

And dancing on the kitchen bench until you fall off and land on your head.

Just normal weekend stuff, you know?

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Both of our kids eat, but they don't both share the same interest in eating, unfortunately. Marty will enthusiastically eat anything he sees, food or otherwise. Here he is happily chewing on some of his toys.

I understand most children grow out of the oral fixation stage, but with Marty, I have to wonder a little when that will be. He loves grabbing things, but he still loves cramming everything he can into his mouth.

Edie, on the other hand, is hardly interested in eating at all anymore. Mealtimes are a full-on battle every day, which has been frustrating, to say the least. Tamsen got the great idea to get her a dinner plate that encourages her to eat, though. Take a look and you'll see why.

It's a treasure map! She starts at the beginning, eats each square along the trail, and at the end, there's a little treasure chest that she can open up and get her dessert. She really likes it! She asks us every night if she can eat from her treasure plate, and even if she sneaks her dessert out a little early, she usually finishes up every square.

I found out this week that she's reasonably good at writing, which I had no idea. She told me she wanted to write out everyone's name in the family, and after we sounded them out together, she wrote everything down without any help. Pretty impressive!

A quick final story about Marty: Tamsen took him in for a checkup this week and was told that because he weighs so much for his age (the same weight as Edie!), he could probably stand for a little more exercise. That made my eyebrows go up a little, because in my experience, this picture is an accurate depiction of what he looks like from day to day around the house.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cabin fever

We got another snow storm this week: two and a half inches!

I can practically hear your scoffs through the internet, so let me head you off by saying that by Nashville standards, two and a half inches is really quite a lot of snow. Not only that, but the temperatures were in the single digits until Friday afternoon, so Edie's school was cancelled for the entire week. (Again, Northerners, this really is a big deal here.) At first, it was fun playing in the snow, but it didn't take long for cabin fever to set in.

Marty, for example, entirely forgot how to get food in his mouth.

The poor boy was frantically smearing food all over himself, only to find that he couldn't get it into his mouth. However, he ended the day with a bold new look, carefully having styled his hair with chowder.

Edie forgot that her eyes work just fine and insisted on wearing my glasses in order to see properly.

(Aside: little kids always want to grab glasses off of your face. You may be tempted to let them play with your glasses because they'll look funny. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS TEMPTATION. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE OUT OF YOUR FINGER-SMUDGED GLASSES EVER AGAIN.)

She was also so confused that she put on a shirt Marty got for Christmas, thinking it was hers.

It actually fits her pretty well, but part of that is just that Marty is so large that the two of them have torsos that are roughly the same size.

They've been having a lot of fun around the house, but we're very excited that the weather has warmed up so they can go outside again.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


We got a couple of inches of snow this weekend, which, for this part of the country, is a pretty big deal. Edie's seen snow before, so she was excited when she heard it was coming down. I left work early because the roads had all iced over, so the two of us suited up and headed outside as it started to come down Friday afternoon.

The thing is, we could only find one of her mittens, so she put on one of hers and one of my old gloves. They... didn't quite match.

She still really liked tromping around the driveway and looking at her footprints. She wanted to make a snowman, but at that point, there was less than an eighth of an inch, so I suggested we go back in and see if more snow fell. Thankfully, it did overnight, so the next morning we got dressed again and headed to the backyard.

Edie had a great time walking around and looking at everything. So much white!

However, she hadn't counted on the fact that snow is cold, so after about three minutes, she asked to go back inside. We headed back in, only to find that Marty was all dressed and ready to head out. I gave Edie to Tamsen and headed back outside with Marty.

It was his first time in the snow, so he had no idea what was going on. True to form, he dove right in to find out what it was.

It was cold and powdery. If he left it on his hands for too long, it got wet.

THIS IS AWESOME, he seemed to say.

Without gloves, it was only a matter of time before his hands were going to get really cold (it was about twenty degrees yesterday morning), so I picked him up and brought him back inside. He was really upset about that, but I think it was for the best. I got to spend the rest of the morning shoveling the driveway. Edie was devastated to hear that the snow was all gone until we quickly pointed out that there was still lots of snow on the grass. She wasn't convinced until we opened the curtains and physically pointed at the snow.

There's more snow in the forecast for Monday night, so maybe we can do this all over again next week.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New clothes

We have some friends at church whose children are a little older than ours, and who are kind enough to pass us along all of their old clothes once their kids outgrow them. Last week, Edie and Tamsen came back from church with three full garbage bags full of clothes for us.

We got to sorting and trying them on. Edie was excited about it, but Marty was, well, see for yourself.

He's giving the side-eye, as if to say, "can you guys believe I have to waste my time with all of these clothes," but the cocky jaunt and subtle swagger show us that he's really enjoying himself. He stayed on the couch while Edie looked through everything, but he was still interested in everything that was coming out of the bag.

Edie really enjoyed her new clothes. You may be able to tell here, in this picture where I asked her to show me her new clothes.

New sweater, new blouse, new skirt, and new leggings? Yes please! We also went to get her hair cut yesterday, and she sat in the chair all by herself and even made polite chit chat with the stylist. ("Do you like the trolls?" "Um, I watch minions.")

It's been really cold here lately, like it has been pretty much everywhere. Both of the kids got colds before Christmas, but Marty's hasn't really gotten better, so we took him in to the doctor this week. He was able to lick the walls twice before the doctor came in, who told us that he had an ear infection. Hopefully it didn't come from wall-licking. Lucky for us, he seems to genuinely enjoy taking his medicine, so at least we don't have to fight him on that. Here's hoping he doesn't get a taste for it and start searching the house for more.

School starts back up on Monday for Edie, and she's really excited about that, too. It's been close to three weeks since she's been, since school was closed this last week due to the weather. She's ready to go back, and I'm pretty sure we're ready, too.