Sunday, January 14, 2018


We got a couple of inches of snow this weekend, which, for this part of the country, is a pretty big deal. Edie's seen snow before, so she was excited when she heard it was coming down. I left work early because the roads had all iced over, so the two of us suited up and headed outside as it started to come down Friday afternoon.

The thing is, we could only find one of her mittens, so she put on one of hers and one of my old gloves. They... didn't quite match.

She still really liked tromping around the driveway and looking at her footprints. She wanted to make a snowman, but at that point, there was less than an eighth of an inch, so I suggested we go back in and see if more snow fell. Thankfully, it did overnight, so the next morning we got dressed again and headed to the backyard.

Edie had a great time walking around and looking at everything. So much white!

However, she hadn't counted on the fact that snow is cold, so after about three minutes, she asked to go back inside. We headed back in, only to find that Marty was all dressed and ready to head out. I gave Edie to Tamsen and headed back outside with Marty.

It was his first time in the snow, so he had no idea what was going on. True to form, he dove right in to find out what it was.

It was cold and powdery. If he left it on his hands for too long, it got wet.

THIS IS AWESOME, he seemed to say.

Without gloves, it was only a matter of time before his hands were going to get really cold (it was about twenty degrees yesterday morning), so I picked him up and brought him back inside. He was really upset about that, but I think it was for the best. I got to spend the rest of the morning shoveling the driveway. Edie was devastated to hear that the snow was all gone until we quickly pointed out that there was still lots of snow on the grass. She wasn't convinced until we opened the curtains and physically pointed at the snow.

There's more snow in the forecast for Monday night, so maybe we can do this all over again next week.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New clothes

We have some friends at church whose children are a little older than ours, and who are kind enough to pass us along all of their old clothes once their kids outgrow them. Last week, Edie and Tamsen came back from church with three full garbage bags full of clothes for us.

We got to sorting and trying them on. Edie was excited about it, but Marty was, well, see for yourself.

He's giving the side-eye, as if to say, "can you guys believe I have to waste my time with all of these clothes," but the cocky jaunt and subtle swagger show us that he's really enjoying himself. He stayed on the couch while Edie looked through everything, but he was still interested in everything that was coming out of the bag.

Edie really enjoyed her new clothes. You may be able to tell here, in this picture where I asked her to show me her new clothes.

New sweater, new blouse, new skirt, and new leggings? Yes please! We also went to get her hair cut yesterday, and she sat in the chair all by herself and even made polite chit chat with the stylist. ("Do you like the trolls?" "Um, I watch minions.")

It's been really cold here lately, like it has been pretty much everywhere. Both of the kids got colds before Christmas, but Marty's hasn't really gotten better, so we took him in to the doctor this week. He was able to lick the walls twice before the doctor came in, who told us that he had an ear infection. Hopefully it didn't come from wall-licking. Lucky for us, he seems to genuinely enjoy taking his medicine, so at least we don't have to fight him on that. Here's hoping he doesn't get a taste for it and start searching the house for more.

School starts back up on Monday for Edie, and she's really excited about that, too. It's been close to three weeks since she's been, since school was closed this last week due to the weather. She's ready to go back, and I'm pretty sure we're ready, too.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Rather than the week in review, today I've decided to write about the year in review. These kids have changed so much over the last 12 months, but since we see them every day, sometimes it's hard to notice.

But take a look at them last January, and you'll see what I mean. Here's Marty, age two months:

He's so big and fat and round and okay he's not all that different. But still, he barfs on himself considerably less than he used to. He couldn't walk, could barely sit up, and woke up every few hours at night. 

Here he was yesterday, staying home from church with a cold.

"I AM KING OF ALL BABIES," he seems to be saying. He was pretty miserable yesterday, but wearing his gold medal for Best Baby seemed to cheer him up. I think it also helped him that Edie wasn't around all day. They like each other, but it was nice for him to get to play with his toys without Edie running up and snatching them out of his hands.

He looks more or less the same as he did when he was a baby, but I see him walking around and grabbing stuff now, and he looks like a little boy more than a baby. He's still just a year old, so it's not like he's all grown up or anything, but it's clear how much he's grown in a year. If there's one thing he's learned more than anything else this year, it's that he has an enormous butt, and that he doesn't need to be afraid to use it as a weapon. He has a special talent for backing it up.

Edie's come a long way in the last year, too. Here she is last January.

She couldn't say very much in January, so she did a lot of screaming and throwing tantrums. It's only a year ago now, but it's striking to me how much she still looked like a baby. There's still some baby fat in that face.

Here she is just this morning, showing me how she brushes her teeth:

Still wearing pajamas, but this is a whole new girl. She can say pretty much anything she wants, which makes her a lot more confident. She's still shy around people she doesn't know, but there are so many more people she's gotten to know this year. She goes to school and plays with her friends, she's talkative and active at church, and she's no longer terrified of our families, which is such a change from last year.

They've come a long way, baby.

Just imagine what we'll be saying about them this time next year.

Monday, December 25, 2017


After the kids went to bed last night, we got all of the presents and laid them out under the tree. We haven't been able to leave them out for fear that Marty would utterly destroy them.

It looked nice! This is the last time our house will look this nice for several days, I'm sure.

Tamsen, true to form, got up waaaaay before anyone else did, but agreed not to disturb anyone else until 7:00. We got the kids out of bed, ushered them into the living room, and watched them go completely bananas when they saw all of their presents.

Edie got PUZZLES.

Marty got a rocking horse, which he rode with a wild-eyed frenzy.

Edie got a pair of duckie boots she picked out herself several weeks ago.

Marty continued to figure out his rocking horse.

Edie got a red tricycle that she was over the moon about. We rode outside for about five minutes until her lips turned blue, which we took as a sign that we'd better pack it in for the day. We'll try again once it gets warmer.

We knew there would be some overlap between their toys, but I was surprised at just how much Edie wanted to play with all of Marty's toys. She wanted to ride the rocking horse, she wanted to eat his candy, and when it came time to bed, she had a full-on meltdown when I asked her to wear her new pajamas. She insisted she needed to wear Marty's dino pajamas.

So, I mean, sure. You go nuts, little girl.

All in all, we had a really great day, with a minimum of freakouts. Both kids had a blast Christmas morning, which was more than enough fun for me. And for the first time, Edie was able and wanted to open all of her presents herself, which was especially fun.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


It's getting cold here, even for Tennessee. Tamsen got Edie some mittens she could wear while waiting for the bus. She's been extremely enthusiastic about them ever since, wearing them outside, inside, wherever.

All the cold weather seems to have brought the cold season along with it. Both Edie and Marty were sick this week, dripping snot all over the house and wiping their goopy faces all over everything in sight.

That's not to say that they were completely miserable, though. They still ran around playing tag and laughing their heads off. Sometimes they can be unkind to each other, but as often as not, they play well together, and they genuinely seem to like each other.

Every once in a while, they team up against me. The other day, Tamsen had laid down for a quick nap, and the two of them ran into the kitchen, looked right at me, grinning, and screamed as loud as they could for a solid thirty seconds. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. They're sneaky, but they're my kind of sneaky.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Despite having their own rooms filled with toys and books, our kids spend a surprising amount of the day in our kitchen, running around, climbing on furniture, and generally getting into things they shouldn't.

For example, here's Marty... mixing something?

He's figured out how to push the chairs around where he wants them so he can get up on the table. If he's been quiet for a couple of minutes, it usually means he's made his way up there and knows he isn't supposed to be.

On the other hand, sometimes if he's been quiet for a few minutes, it's because he's fallen asleep in the kitchen, like he did in his chair on Saturday.

Tamsen got the pillow for him so she could start taking pictures, which attracted Edie's attention. She didn't want to be left out, so she got a pillow and "went to sleep" as well.

Edie's interest in the kitchen isn't about destroying stuff so much as trying to walk around and be helpful. She likes to get her stool out and try to mix things and help out whenever we're making food. She can be in the way sometimes, but in general, she actually does a good job. Yesterday morning as I was making breakfast for Marty, she was barking out orders to me when I wasn't doing things right. "No, Marty eats his bananas before his milk! You have to cut them and put them in a bowl! Let ME do it!"

Kitchen times are fun times.

Monday, December 4, 2017


Last week Edie kept saying she wanted to do an "adventure" and refused to eat dinner, brush her teeth, or anything else until she had done her adventure. We weren't sure at first what that meant, but it turned out it just involved playing around the house wearing hats.

Marty has been on his share of adventures lately. Here he is climbing up the stairs.

But what's this, you say? How could he possibly be adventuring without a hat? Rest assured, my friends, he has a hat.

And just in case you don't think that sitting placidly by a crib and a tiny Christmas tree while absently watching some cartoons isn't adventurous enough for you, then perhaps you should consider that you can go on an adventure every night at dinner, if you dare to.

You can't really tell from this angle, but his whole face and nearly all of the hat are completely covered in chocolate. Marty is what I would call a bold eater.

Edie wears her fair share of hats, too.

This was an adventure in Marty's room, where we mostly rearranged things and got ready for bed. Tamsen came up with a much better adventure the next day, though. Edie saw a scrap of wrapping paper and announced it was her map. Tamsen sat down with a marker and drew everything that Edie told her was on the map.

It was a pretty great map!

Like, a REALLY great map.

Again, hard to tell in this picture, but Edie told Tamsen that there was "some grass" on the map, so she faithfully a small lawn and labeled it "some grass." Edie thoroughly enjoyed it for about two days before she completely forgot about it, which was a pretty solid return on investment, actually.

Every day is an adventure around here.