Monday, September 19, 2016

Two weeks out

We're in the home stretch now, people. The c-section is scheduled for Tuesday October 4th, so mark your calendars. The question I'm getting the most is "how are you feeling" and the answer is "fine." This baby's a lot like Edie, in that he's not a particularly active fetus. Every once in a while he'll roll over just to prove he's still in there, but otherwise doesn't make much of a fuss. I still have never had a contraction or any signs of active labor, and fingers crossed things will stay that way.

The second most-asked question is whether we've picked a name. Nothing's set in stone, but we're pretty sure it will be Martin. Don't bother telling us your opinion on the matter, because we don't care. It's a family name on both sides, and we think Martin Reed sounds pretty solid. Sam was insistent that we pick a name that could be made into a two-syllable nickname, which in this case would be Marty. Now, as I pointed out with Harold and Arthur, there's baggage attached to any name, and in this case it's that there are already two Martys in the house.

For those of you not in the loop, I sleep with not one, but two crocheted blankies, and both of them are named Marty. As a child I named my blanket Marty. I don't know why. Anyway, my original Marty bit the dust when I decided to take a pair of scissors to him as a little kid. Since then I've had two replacement Martys, who happened to overlap because Marty #2 went missing but was found ten years later when I already had Marty #3.

What I'm getting at is that our baby would technically be Marty IV, and should he have a white crocheted baby blanket, it would be Marty V. What a legacy!

Lastly, here's the latest ultrasound. Looks like Sam, right?