Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Edie has 10 cents for 10 tents OR You guys, my baby is ten months old

Our little Edie is ten months old and picking up speed.

She can also pull herself up into a standing position, so she scurries all over the house, eating wires and trying to climb into the dishwasher.

Here she is enjoying the great outdoors in her favorite onesie. (We haven't told her we don't live in Oregon anymore. We're waiting for the right time to break the news.)

Here's Edie with her very best friend. For the record, she couldn't care less about the Roomba when it's moving around the house (she'll let it run right into her), but I can't drag her away when it's docked and charging. She climbed up on it, managed to press the start button, and took a very short ride the other day. They are best buds.

More than anything else Edie likes getting into the books on the bottom shelf, which in the office means Sam's history books. James K. Polk  and the Fuehrer have both had some near misses.


Lastly, some Edie stats:Edie's favorite thing to watch: The DVD logo that bounces around the screen when you leave a movie paused for too long.Edie's favorite toy: Anything I happen to be holding. I may have resorted to shouting "No! Mine!" the other day when she stole a toy out of my hands.Edie's favorite foods: Fruit smoothies and mini Nilla wafers.Edie's newest trick: Sitting and spinning in circles, which you can see in the first 12 seconds of the following video. (The rest of it is just us watching a rainstorm in the dark.)