Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Through and Through

The profile is how I know she's Sam's:

The posture is how I know she's mine:

In other news, Edith and I both had our two-week check-ups and passed with flying colors. She's gaining back some weight, and I'm now able to cough, sneeze, walk, drive, and laugh without holding my belly, all of which I could not do right after my surgery.

And because I know you're here to see Edie, here's another video of her not doing much of anything except wiggling around. Around 0:38 she realizes she's being filmed and comes over all awkward. So much for a slice of life.


  1. Oh my goodness, i can't get over how stinkin cute she is tamsen! she definitely has your hair that's for sure, and those eyes, those are "you can never say no to me" eyes lol so gorgeous! Glad you and her are doing well :-)

  2. I love how she totally freezes when she sees the camera. Like, "maybe if I stop moving it can't capture my soul." Can't wait to meet her!!!