Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Three Faces of Edie

Three months means you get to watch three Edie videos. Hooray!

1. I think Edie has always known she has a mouth, but it took a number of weeks for her to realize she has hands, and just a few weeks ago she put it all together and figured out that she can put those hands in her mouth. She's been lovin' life ever since. Sam set out for Tennessee a week before Edie and I did, and while I'm sure he missed me, he really missed Edie, so I took this video to tide him over until we could all be together again.

2. Edie makes noises now, which is to say, lots of cooing and gurgling in addition to her usual cries and screams. I kept trying to catch it on tape, but the instant I'd pull out the camera she'd clam up. Finally I got her to cooperate, so here she is cooing and gooing:


3. It snowed here yesterday. I happened to look out the window mid-afternoon and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the flakes. Right away I ran into Edie's room and told her to get dressed. Then I remembered that she is a baby and is incapable of dressing herself, so I started digging through her clothes boxes for her bear suit. I couldn't find it so I grabbed a big pink coat I came across, bundled her up, and took her outside for her first snowfall.