Thursday, August 14, 2014

Look at that Edie go

Edie is quickly approaching her first birthday, and as is befitting a baby of her years and stature, she's getting ever more mobile. She spends 65% of her time teetering around, holding onto the edges of the furniture. Usually it's the coffee table. I like to put a Nilla wafer at one end, watch her circle around to get it, and then place one at the other end of the table. Around and around she goes.

The other 35% of her time is spent pulling everything we own off the shelves. Yesterday she discovered that the kitchen is full of tiny Edie-sized doors full of neat stuff. I am this close to selling her to the Gypsies.

Her habit of standing as much as possible has manifest itself in some interesting ways, most notably when it comes to changing her diaper. Instead of lying on her back she'll roll over and climb to her feet, holding onto the wall. She basically takes the same stance as a person getting frisked, so I play it up, telling her to spread 'em, and I pat her down. She loves it.

I got the vacuum out recently and Edie started using it as a walker. Tonight while Sam did the dishes, Edie walked around the kitchen in circles, holding onto the vacuum while I held the hose like a tether. It felt a lot like the horse training scenes in Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. But don't take my word for it.

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