Saturday, April 30, 2016

Earth Day and an October Surprise

When we were expecting Edie, the end of my first trimester fell on Valentine's Day, so we sent out valentines to announce the big news. This time around the end of my first trimester was in mid-April, which left us day. So we pushed it off an extra week and went with Earth Day to herald the news of a new baby Orme.

Everything's going fine, and unlike last time my nausea seems to be tapering off a bit (Edie had me puking through week 24). And I know what you're all thinking, every single one of you - something's different! That means it's a boy this time! Well, we'll see, but we won't know the sex for another week and a half, so cool your jets. Actually, a lot of things have been different this go-around. With Edie I had zero food cravings, and the only smell that bothered me was lemon dish soap. Now everything has a smell, absolutely everything. We purchased bags and bags of this frozen Parmesan chicken they sell at Aldi's that we love, and suddenly the smell of it cooking made me gag. So when I was out of the house at book club Sam cooked the lot of it and put it in the freezer so he can take it to work and eat it there.

Two things of note: 
1. I gave notice for my babysitting job. During the day I've been babysitting the baby of one of Sam's co-workers, which was a fairly convenient set-up since we live less than three miles from Sam's work. I got him when he was two months old and he's now ten months old, so we had a good run, but he's at the age where he's very mobile, and between him and Edie everything I own is on the floor or in someone's mouth and I'm just too tired to do it anymore. 

2. Once we'd told family about the upcoming baby the next step was to tell folks at church. Being the Primary president I decided the easiest way was simply to make an announcement during opening exercises. So I announced about the YW fundraiser, and the deadline for camp forms, and then said I was expecting a baby at the end of October, and asked that each of the children go home and tell their parents in order to save me a lot of leg-work. Well naturally everybody oohed and ahhed and all of that, and then out of nowhere a seven-year-old boy shouted out "Whose baby is it?" This pretty much floored all of the adults in the room, and the music leader was in tears she was laughing so hard. I figured using the word "expecting" had made it sound like a baby was simply arriving at my house in the fall, so I told him "Mine, it's my baby." As an aside to the adults I said "I didn't realize I had such a reputation," and my secretary said "Well, this is great; all the kids are going to go home and tell their parents that you're pregnant and don't know who the father is!"

Never a dull moment in Primary my friends, never a dull moment.

(As you'll have noticed, I don't blog much anymore, and that's because I'm on Twitter. Find me there and you'll get the scoop on all of Edie's shenanigans and my daily goings-on.)


  1. Seriously, I think every single baby is different, it always makes me laugh when people SWEAR that the gender of somebody else's baby is predictable to them because of differences in pregnancy. Anyway, good luck! May it be a boy or a girl!

    The Primary story is the best. Tell Sam to believe you when/if you tell him it's his baby, too, no matter what that wiseguy Primary kid says. It'll be easier for everyone. No matter what your reputation!

  2. I miss primary if only for all the laughs at the funny things kids say. So excited for your little boy to come! Also excited to see you in a few weeks!