Monday, January 16, 2017


Time got away from me yesterday, but I promise I haven't forgotten.

Edie is loud when she's at home. We still haven't quite mastered the concept of an indoor voice, much to the dismay of Tamsen and me. She loves to jump and shout and enjoy herself, and that's great, but not ideal when we're trying to keep Marty asleep, or when one of us is on the phone, or really anytime at all. Worse, she's gotten very good at the word "no," so if we ask her to be calm and quiet, she says no and keeps on keeping on.

She still loves watching Daniel Tiger and SpongeBob with either of us on the couch, though, so we end up seeing this view of her quite a bit. We could certainly do worse.

Marty is a little over three months old now, and it's hard to believe there was a time without him. He alternates between being cheerful and furious, so we try to cherish the cheerful times as much as we can. (They don't come too often, sadly.) For an infant, though, he has a surprisingly well-developed range of facial expressions. The one I especially like is this one, which seems to say, "What, you got a problem with me?"

We have good kids. I mean, pretty good, at least.

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