Sunday, January 29, 2017


My kids have two distinct personalities. Edie can be sweet, Marty can rage. Edie likes it when we blow on her tummy, Marty doesn't. Edie refused to be swaddled, Marty won't sleep without it. And yet they both had one thing in common this week: Razor. Sharp. Fingernails.

Edie loves to look at me with a sly smile and try to pry her fingers into my mouth. It's not a particularly fun game in the best times, but when her nails are long, it's like someone shoving knives in there. 

Marty doesn't quite have the motor skills to do something like that on purpose, but sometimes we'll be holding him, and he'll thrash and flail and catch us across the face. (I'm not entirely convinced it's accidental.)

We have good, sharp kids.

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