Monday, June 26, 2017

Party time

My co-worker's son turned two last week, so we all went to his birthday party on Saturday. We all had a good time, as much as anyone has a good time at a party for a two year-old.

Edie played it cool so none of the dinosaurs thought she was trying too hard.

She didn't seem interested in any of the other kids there, but she was excited to see that there was a plate of grapes and cheese and that she could have as much as she wanted. Eventually, she got so excited that she squeezed the bottle of water she was drinking from and spilled on her shirt. She got really upset and started saying (a little too loudly), "I need to go home! I need a new shirt!"

Marty seemed completely indifferent to everyone, so long as people were feeding him.

He liked being held, and since most of the people there hadn't seen him in a while, he had a lot of people willing to hold him. He was also keenly interested in eating directly from the garbage can, which was less exciting for us.

Not much new to report this week. Both kids continue to fall on their faces repeatedly, but we still like them.

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