Monday, July 3, 2017


I had both Monday and Tuesday off for the holiday weekend, so we spent some time as a family together today doing errands. Running around town with two little kids in tow may not sound like your idea of fun, and I completely agree, but Marty is pretty docile as long as he isn't hungry, and Edie genuinely enjoys being buckled up and pushed around in a cart. In fact, she usually doesn't want to get in the car and go anywhere unless I tell her we're going to a store, whether it's the grocery store, the burger store (getting fast food), the lollipop store (getting a haircut), you name it. 

So we headed down to the grocery store, which here requires you to put in a quarter before it releases a cart to you. We realized as we were getting close that we weren't sure if we had a quarter, which was a problem because Edie was in the backseat singing "I'm going to the grocery store, I'm going to the grocery store" over and over. Fortunately, we didn't have to disappoint her. 

The carts at the store are double wide, so we got to take this adorable shot:

Marty seemed to enjoy being pushed around, too, and Edie was having a great time pointing things out to him. ("Look, Marty! Cereal!") At one point, she told me that she saw ice cream on the shelf, which confused me until I realized it was a box of ice cream cones. So we bought them and brought them home to have ice cream cones after dinner. It wasn't until we gave one to Edie that we realized she'd never had one before. It was, well, not as bad as it could have been.

You may notice that we finally got her hair cut, since it was entirely covering her eyes. I took her to the "lollipop store," and she was really excited right up until she sat in the chair and realized she was getting a haircut. She sat still and did a great job, though, which was a pleasant surprise. And she looks real nice, too! At least, I think so!

Marty is still a grabby little boy. He spent a good twenty minutes grabbing at the steam coming out of Tamsen's humidifier the other night and having a ball doing so. He likes to grab Edie's toys, which isn't a problem unless she sees him, which makes her scream to everyone that will listen, "Marty's sharing my toys!" He's a good boy, and we like him, except for all of the times that he screams at us. (We still like him then, but he's not a good boy when he's screaming.)

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