Sunday, February 19, 2017


Last night, Tamsen was getting ready to watch a TV show. Edie, seeing that the TV was on, sat on the couch and said, "I want to watch Daniel Tiger," figuring that the reason it was on was so she could watch a show. Tamsen told her that they were going to watch a Mama show, and Edie got pretty upset about it. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, she shouted and wailed until eventually, she curled up next to Tamsen on the couch and fell asleep. After Tamsen's show was over, Edie woke up, looked at Tamsen, then got up and sat back down on the other couch. "I watch my show," she said, and made Tamsen turn on Daniel Tiger.

Marty's getting better at sitting up, and just tonight, he rolled from his back to his front without any help, which neither of us realized he could do. However, just because he's good at sitting up doesn't mean that he likes it. Sometimes I'll have him sitting in my lap while I'm trying to do something else, and he immediately arches his back and kicks his legs to try to get away from me.

These kids have some fight in them, that's for sure.

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