Sunday, February 12, 2017

These kids

Edie used to adore the bedtime routine. When we told her it was time to put on her pajamas, she would come happily. She would literally run to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and she would hop right up on my lap for story time. Now, it's a battle to do any of those things. She screams and fights when we tell her she has to put on pajamas, and then she screams and fights when we tell her to take them off in the morning. All of this is to say that my grandma sent her new pajamas for Christmas, and the only reason we haven't sent her pictures yet is because we literally couldn't get her to wear them until just this week. Christmas in February is a thing, right?

Yesterday, I fed Marty a bottle, and when I rested him against my shoulder to burp him, he threw up all down the back of my shirt and into my right back pocket while I was sitting down. We're thinking of entering him in the Olympics.

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