Monday, February 27, 2017


I love my kids, partially because they're awesome, but mostly because they're mine. Sometimes, though, since they're so little, I forget that they love each other, too.

Marty perks up whenever Edie comes into view. Edie will stop her running around the house to give Marty a kiss on the head. She loves to help me give him a bath. And sometimes I pick Marty up and make him walk over to Edie, bouncing him around and saying, "Here comes Marty!" Edie laughs her head off and puts her forehead right up against Marty's, and he laughs his head off, too. They seem to genuinely enjoy being around each other.

You wouldn't know it from this picture, though.

Or maybe you would? Man, I have no idea what these kids are thinking, sometimes. Edie spent a solid half hour this weekend lining up orange slices over the pictures of the U. S. presidents on a placemat we have. Sometimes I'm holding Marty on my shoulder, and he cranes his head around so he can puke down my shirt. (Remember how he threw up in my back pocket last week? He threw up in my front pocket this week, AT CHURCH. We live 20 MILES AWAY, so there was no going home to change.)

These kids, and I suspect all kids, are so, so weird.

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