Sunday, March 26, 2017

A tooth

Marty had his first tooth pop through this week, which goes a long way toward explaining his implacable fury. That, and the cold he's been coming down with, the poor boy.

Yes, Maranda, that's your bear. (Your bear, right? Man, it's been ten years and I still don't know who any of you are.) Tamsen took a crack at starting him on rice cereal this week, and while he wasn't even remotely interested in the mush, he was quite taken with the spoon, gnawing contentedly on it and refusing to let go. It makes me think we ought to install bars on his crib so he can gnaw on them and keep his teeth the proper length.

Edie really enjoys running around and jumping, especially when we go outside, which makes me feel bad that I don't go outside with her more often. Most of our outside time is limited to walking from the house to the garage. She runs around and jumps while Tamsen and I yell at her to get in the car or in the house. When we came home from church today, she ran to our front yard and sat on the stones by our big tree. I realized that maybe I ought to make some time for her to run around, so I sat on our porch while she ran around the yard for a while until she was content. (She thanked me later by peeing through her diaper and pants.)

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