Sunday, March 12, 2017


I gave him a bath yesterday, honest I did, and yet somehow he still smells like someone left a bucket of wet corn chips to molder for a month, then left that mixture in the sun for another month, then baked it. And then hastily smeared baby shampoo over the top, which is to say maybe I didn't do such a great job with the bath last night.

I mean, we still like him. He's giggly, he's cuddly, he loves watching Edie run around the room, and he even sleeps okay at night sometimes, but man, does this dude reek. Sometimes I'll open his diaper and take a big sniff just for a pleasant change of pace.

Edie and I have a standing date to go grocery shopping every week. We talk about the things we're buying and putting in our cart, and she picks out produce for us. We've even progressed to the point where she doesn't point at the candy in the checkout aisle and scream when I don't buy it for her! Mostly because I preemptively promise her cookies we don't have!

She sure does look good in those sunglasses, though. Pity she refuses to wear them in the car, you know, where they might actually do some good.

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