Sunday, March 19, 2017


Marty spends quite a bit of his time in bed these days, not because he's sick or invalid or anything, but mostly because who among us wouldn't spend most of our time in bed if we had the chance?

We have more than a few pictures of Edie doing the exact same thing. If she woke up as I was heading to work, I would scoop her up from her crib and plop her in bed next to Tamsen before leaving to save her the trip across the house. Marty gets the same treatment.

Edie enjoys being in bed as much as the next person, but this week she took the unusual stop of running around the room in circles before tripping and flying into the bunk bed face first, clocking the ladder right against her eye.

Did you know that if you cut your eyebrow, a truly staggering amount of blood comes out? I, personally, did not! We got her patched up with just a band-aid once we stopped the bleeding, though it took about another half hour before I could get her to calm down and stop freaking out about the fact that she had a band-aid on her head. (The half hour consisted of my watching YouTube videos of marble runs and gently rocking her back and forth while she screamed "GET IT OFF" over and over. Parenting, man.)

We have good kids, and I promise I am absolutely not mistreating them despite any superficial wounds they may be sporting.

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