Sunday, April 2, 2017


Edie has been getting better at sitting on the potty lately, but really not much beyond sitting. She's happy to go in, pull up a seat, and watch her cartoons for as long as you'll let her. No, I'm not happy about it, either, especially when she gives us a coy look like this one.

Me, go to the bathroom? I'll never tell!

Marty has two teeth coming through, so things are hard for him right now. When he's not screaming, drooling, or screaming through drool, he likes to swipe Edie's Kindle and cut loose with a little Curious George.

I think that's Curious George, at least. Hard to tell from this distance.

I do a bit of relaxing with the team, too. Sometimes Marty and I chill on the sofa together when he's eating, and Edie curls up next to us.

It's nice.

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