Sunday, May 21, 2017


Edie has a brush and a comb for her, but she doesn't really like to use them, because she's a vigorous brusher, and they always get caught in her hair. She doesn't mind doing that to Tamsen, though, although Tamsen has similar complaints.

I don't have long enough hair to get tangles, so I offered to let Edie brush mine. Except that since it's so short, she finished in about ten seconds and went to bother Tamsen again. So I had to get a little, creative.

She brushed my face, and then my arms, and then my legs, and then my face again, and then her own face. She had a great time doing it, although her beard isn't nearly as impressive as mine. Yet.

Marty continues to be focused on standing up, which comes at the cost of his continuing to sustain head injuries as he topples onto the floor. He's getting pretty good at it, though. (The standing, but also the head injuries, sadly.) He's a champion crawler, and Edie continues to encourage him. The two of them were racing across our kitchen floor tonight, with Edie shouting, "Come on, Marty!" and Marty responding with a spirited "Mmmmmpf!", since he hadn't bothered to spit his binky out yet.

They're both pretty well-behaved lately and reasonably comfortable with people who aren't us, enough so that we left them with a babysitter on Friday so we could go to the temple. (It's an hour drive each way, so it's a significant undertaking.) They were both wonderful and even went to bed on time, so I think I'm justified in saying that my children are better than yours, no matter who you are.

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