Saturday, May 13, 2017


Every year in May, our electric company has a free hot dog day, so when it rolled around this week, Tamsen packed up the kids and came to my work to pick me up so we could all get our hot dogs. Since they were all there, we brought everyone inside to say hello to my co-workers.

They all loved Edie and Marty, and the kids loved them right back. We took about a thousand pictures, especially when both kids crawled up in my lap.

(Yes, Tamsen made that onesie, and yes, it's my company's logo.)

Edie, who is normally shy and quiet around people she doesn't know well, was chatty and vivacious, which was wonderful to see. Speech therapy has made a world of difference for her. She kept walking around saying things like, "I love your black shoes!" Marty was charming and adorable, although he burst into tears whenever she saw any of my Asian co-workers. Way to be racist, little guy.

Last week, I worked with Edie on recognizing my siblings and parents. We took a video, which maybe isn't the greatest or most interesting, but here it is, just the same.

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