Monday, May 29, 2017


We went to our church Memorial Day cookout today, and it was alternately fun and miserable, depending on when you talked to Edie and Marty.

Marty wore a hat.

He was right to do it, too. The sun was out, and it was plenty humid besides. He spent a lot of the day sitting in his stroller, squirming around until someone picked him up, at which point he would squawk that it was too hot to be held and demand to be put back down. He fell asleep for about an hour, which was a small slice of heaven. (I was eating several small slices of pie at the time, so maybe I'm thinking of those.)

Marty's getting better and better at standing, though he still doesn't have the balance to stand on his own. He climbs on everything, and he only has several dozen bumps and bruises to show for the resulting falls. He's not quite eight months old, but it feels like he'll be walking any day now, which is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

Edie didn't wear a hat today, but she did go down a slide.

She mostly had a good time at the cookout, as long as no one tried to remove her from the playground. She sobbed endlessly when we first got there until I realized that she didn't want a hot dog, she didn't want chips, she didn't want watermelon, she just wanted slice after slice of cheese. She loved the swings and slides, though.

Edie continues to get better at talking, but she's graduated to the point where she's learning phrases that have stock responses to them, only she doesn't know those stock responses. Here's a sample exchange that she and I have about fifty times a day.

EDIE: Hey, daddy?

ME: What's up?

EDIE: Yes.

(four second pause)

EDIE: Hey, daddy?

The really frustrating thing isn't that she gives a nonsensical response, it's that I fall for it literally every time. I always forget that she's not actually asking me anything, and I always respond as though she is.

I recorded her singing again. You can listen to it if you want to, I dunno, whatever.

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