Sunday, July 9, 2017

Another week

Weird things happen around our house all the time, but sometimes I forget to write them down anywhere.

Weird things, like Marty walking around the living room and spontaneously deciding he would step out of his pants. You can see them on the ground right behind them.

Weird things like Edie sobbing this morning because I cut her sandwich into two pieces, not four, followed by her grabbing a placemat off of the table and proudly announcing that she was wiping her tears. (She did this seven times during breakfast. That poor placemat.)

This is Edie just after her bath last night. I had just given Marty a bath and had planned on relaxing for a bit before their bedtime (giving a kid a bath is exhausting), but she insisted that she have one, too. After the bath, we took two or three dozen selfies. I would have waited until my hair was dry before taking pictures, but, I mean, you do you, little girl.

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