Tuesday, July 11, 2017


After foolishly telling Edie about our library plans last night, we finally got everything together this morning and set off. They're resealing our street this week, and since our street also doesn't have any sidewalks, it was a challenge finding a path getting there. We soldiered through some deep grass and hills in the stroller before finally getting to level ground.

I've only really been to our library a couple of times, so this trip was as much fun for me as it was for Edie and Marty. There are plenty of books, sure, but Edie was much less interested in those than she was in the wall of toys. She found a little house that she could walk in and play kitchen.

Marty found plenty to occupy himself, too, or at least plenty to chew on.

In fact, he made his way inside the little house and was very contentedly chewing on a couple of toy carrots. Edie even let him stick around and play while she was in there, which is a big deal for her, since she normally freaks out any time Marty is anywhere near her while she's playing.

We had a pretty good time, and Edie was very sad when we had to go home to eat lunch. We made our way home across the resurfaced street and through the hot sun and back to our hot house, since I'd forgotten to turn the air on.

Everyone was pretty worn out once we got home, so that must mean we had a pretty good time, right?

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