Monday, July 10, 2017

Berries, bubbles, and board games

Tamsen's on vacation this whole week, so as proof that I am competently taking care of these children, I'm going to update every day this week. Please don't send the authorities to take the children away from me. I am trying, honest.

This morning we got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and headed out to the backyard to pick berries from our blackberry bushes. We filled up this cup in just a couple of minutes.

Edie was very interested in the berries so long as they were in the cup, but really did not like touching them, since the first one she grabbed from the bush was softer than we realized, so it squished in her hand. She's in a phase where she can't stand any sort of anything getting on her (even water), so berry juice in her hand didn't sit well with her. Fortunately, the grass was still wet, so I showed her how to wipe her hand clean, but unfortunately, since the grass was still wet, her shoes got wet, which caused a whole new set of problems. She was screaming at me to get her new shoes while I was crawling around the bush picking berries as quickly as I could. I wasn't quite the delightful family adventure I'd imagined it would be.

Although, Marty didn't seem to mind being hauled around the backyard.

He could sit in that stroller forever, I think. Edie was the same way.

I parked him there for a little bit while I blew bubbles for Edie.

Edie absolutely adores bubbles, and I made the mistake of telling her last night that we would play with bubbles today. I don't think she talked about anything else until we finally got them out, which was a solid 16 hours. Here's a quick video of her popping them.

Marty couldn't possibly care less about the bubbles, but we put him in the porch swing and pushed him around for a bit, which he really liked. I would have stayed out for longer, but Tennessee in July, y'know? Five minutes was plenty.

We came in to cool off for a bit, and thankfully, Marty went to sleep before long. Edie knows that once Marty goes to sleep, though, she's allowed to play Candy Land and Hi Ho Cherry-o, since he won't be around to try to eat the pieces. Edie got her copy of Candy Land about three weeks ago, and I would imagine we've played at least once every day since then. Considering the game is determined by nothing but sheer chance, she wins way more than I would expect (viz., always).

I told Edie that we should play with our Play-Doh at one point, but quickly realized I had no idea where it was. Tamsen was traveling all day out of range of cell reception, so we just had to tear apart the house. Luckily, she called around 6:30, so we had a bit of time to play before bed.

Marty isn't allowed to play with Play-Doh, but he seemed content enough to chew on necklaces.

We had fun today! Now I just need to think of ways to fill five more days and I'm all set.

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