Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just nothing

I thought we might play in the water outside today, but Edie had a spectacular meltdown this morning when I asked her to wash her hands after sitting on the potty, so I thought maybe more water wouldn't be the best option. We decided to spend the day loafing in our living room, hoping the air would finally get the house cool. (It didn't, not really.)

As long as I wasn't asking her to maintain her personal hygiene, Edie was pretty fun to hang out with today.

And that's not to say that Marty wasn't fun, of course. He's just a different sort of fun, in which he's climbing all over you and trying to grab things out of your hands constantly.

Midway through the day, we got a couple of packages from my mom with leftover school supplies from work. We rummaged through the boxes and found books, Legos, and other fun things. Edie liked the books, but when she saw the color explosion markers, she had eyes for nothing else. We sat down at the table and got into them immediately.

As you can see, I wrote her name at the top. She's getting good at recognizing her name, as well as those of everyone else in the family. When I pointed to her name and asked her what it was, she said, "That's my Edie O.!" She then spent the next few minutes carefully coloring over every inch of it so it couldn't be seen. I'm sure it made sense to her.

Marty observed the scene carefully from his high chair, but he didn't let any of it get in the way of enjoying his Goldfish.

I ordered myself a harmonica a few days ago, which coincidentally arrived the same time the packages did. I was sitting at the table feeding Marty some fish and browsing the internet for tips on how to get started with the harmonica, when Edie got my attention by saying, "Daddy, you aren't helping." I guess I should have been paying more attention to her markers.

We'll probably actually do something tomorrow, assuming we're able to get over the hump of getting clean in the morning. Who knows?

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