Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I had some ideas for things we could do today, but I asked Edie if she was interested, and she said no to everything. (Marty doesn't get a vote.) So I asked her while she was sitting on the potty this morning what she did want to do. "I want to go to the store," she said.

Well, I mean, sure. Why not?

We ate our lunch, got everyone (me) dressed for the day, and headed up to Kentucky to go visit Target. I figured there were fun toys for the kids to look at, and it was 30 minutes away to boot, so that would give Marty extra nap time. He obliged, sleeping all the way there and all the way back. I figured I'd buy a little something to justify our walking around for an hour or so.

We got there, and while both Edie and Marty loved looking at the toys, we had to get through the clothing section to get there.

This is a very stylish baby.

Marty spent all of his time in his stroller, which came as a bit of a disappointment to him, since there were so many toys crying out to be shoved in his mouth.

Edie was better behaved in terms of chewing on merchandise, but she was very enthusiastic about trying everything out.

You can't see it, but this ball lit up when you bounced it. Edie enjoyed it, but would only bounce it once and then hand it back to me so I could put it back on the shelf.

She loved identifying everything on the shelves, and then explaining them to Marty. Here she is saying, "Look, Marty! Goldfish!" just moments after I told her, "Look, Edie! Goldfish!"

She especially liked walking through the grocery section and identifying everything we saw. She got really excited when she saw the kind of bread Tamsen usually gets. "Look! Mama bread!"

We were prepared to buy a loaf of Mama bread and a package of red cookies, but I got up to the checkout counter and realized that I hadn't actually brought my wallet. Oops. We put everything back on the shelves and quietly slunk out of the store.

Still, a reasonably fun day. I guess Edie knew what she was talking about.

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